Manta Bowl

  • Manta Bowl

    Manta Bowl

    A possibility to see manta rays and another attractive dive sites is the Manta Bowl. A lot of tourist visit this site because of it’s an ideal cleaning and feeding station for the Manta Ray. Manta bowl is also known as the Manta Ray capital of the Philippines.

    Diving around will spring up a number of interesting sights, plenty of planktons in the spot which draw in the whale sharks and clown fish that are more vicious in their manners. However, Manta Rays have a short tail but it is not used for any of their suspicious intention. They are a dark brown on top and a flattened type of fish which supposed to have evolved from sharks. Manta Rays are believed to be one of the smartest sea creatures because of their being approachable and solicitation of attention from divers.

    Experience the adventure in diving the Manta bowl…

    Location: Ticao Island, Sorsogon
    Current: Strong
    Visibility: 10 to 18 meters
    Depth: 25 meters