Dive Sites

  • Donsol Dive Sites

    Experience and recognized the “whale shark capital of the world”, a small island yet home of the giants. Be amazed to the enchanted world of whale shark and other sea creatures that can set your mood in a relaxing way. Donsol is the best place and something worth sharing to the world

  • Casa Bianca

    Casa Bianca

    Casa Bianca welcomes all travelers to enjoy they’re holiday with great tour and experience, which gives you a lasting and remarkable vacation.

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  • Giddys Place

    Giddys Place

    Giddy’s is a hotel built from the league of donsol town. It is built using concrete for the hotel, it also combines wood and modern facilities to give you a very at ease stay.

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  • Manta Bowl

    Manta Bowl

    A possibility to see manta rays and another attractive dive sites is the Manta Bowl. A lot of tourist visit this site because of it’s an ideal cleaning and feeding station for the Manta Ray. Manta bowl is also known as the Manta Ray capital of the Philippines.

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  • R.A.C. Point

    R.A.C. Point

    A thrilling place to dive and a desired site of divers, RAC Point offers several areas to hide from the current and somehow watching the reef like movies while they are playing and feeding in the current. The site has a beautiful mix of coral, rock and sandy bottom structure.

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  • San Miguel Island

    San Miguel Island

    Experience the spectacular area with fine-looking dive sites in Donsol. San Miguel Island offers turquoise water and white sand that you will enjoy while staying or diving the area.

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  • Sweetlips Rock

    Sweetlips Rock

    Discover an amazing place in Donsol, Sweetlips Rock is another good dive sites where you find a school of sweet lips that are unaware to divers.

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  • Tres Grace

    Tres Grace

    Tres Grace provides a pristine white sand beach where you can relax and have a refreshing holiday to spend. You can easily dive and have some fun capturing its beautiful spot.

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  • Tuna Alley

    Tuna Alley

    Enjoy an unforgettable experience of the ocean predators with a school of sardines. Tuna alley is located in Donsol, where you can find better dive site to stay around.

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