Vitton Beach Resort

  • Vitton Beach Resort

    From the Whale Shark Capital of the World, to the rural town of Dansol, they present to you the Vitton Beach Resort. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and get some relaxation. This will be a perfect place for you, your family, friends or loved ones.
    Vitton Beach Resort will be a heaven on Earth for divers and nature lover. The resort will give you the best service regarding the accommodation like food and room services.

    The Vitton Beach Resort can be easily found in the Dansol because it is only right next to the headquarters of whale shark tourist. It was said to have the very best location. This is place is usually used by the tourist operators around Legaspi City for their day trips since the area has a big space for parking and the tour center is just a walking distance.

    This is a very popular place to stay on. They require a service rate around Php 1,800 per budget room, each room has a hot and cold shower and also all of it are air-conditioned. The rooms are mostly in native style but there are also some that are in western style. You can also find a small dive shop at the end f the resort. But most visitors are concentrated in snorkeling in Donsol since scuba is not allowed around the bay. Recently, the resort implemented a newly ten deluxe rooms and one new family room.

    They also have bar and restaurants that you can surely enjoy. All the food that are served here are done and cooked nicely by their chefs. Most of the foods that they show are seafood.

    You can find the dining area in the front of the beach. It’s very quiet and peaceful in the morning and has a great view for sunset in the evening. The orders for food should be taken in advance. There are also some open karaoke that you can enjoy with other guests and staffs.

    All the staffs are trained enough to give you the best service that they can allow. They can help you make some arrangements regarding the way on how to get there and how you can transfer to go in the nearest airport. They are also there to guide all of your needs from eating, swimming, and everything.