Ticao Island Resort

  • Ticao Island Resort

    The place that hides inside the wide variety of coconut trees, clear blue waters, white sand and the bask nature of Philippines, Tacdugan, San Jacinto, Masbate will present to you the Ticao Island Resort. This will be a good place for your relaxation, outdoor activities and vacation.

    Ticao Island Resort is a tropical resort that gives the main attraction for mantra rays and whale sharks on its abounded water. This will be a dreamlike experience with a great tropical setting, not only for Filipinos but also for foreigners from different countries.
    The resort has nine air conditioned single-detached Cabanas that was made from different native equipments and materials. All the Cabanas were set near the water, in the white sand that is very near to the bar, restaurant, activity center and the reception area. Each Cabana has two double beds, private toilet and bath, veranda, safety deposit box, hot water pot, coffee, tea, at least two bottled water, shower necessities like soaps and shampoo, and also with a full variety of meals.

    If you can’t afford the costs of Cabanas, there are also some budget rooms that they can offer to you. The whole resort has four budget rooms that are located few meters away from the beach. These budget rooms were designed in bungalow style with a little touch of tropical chic and native feeling. Each of them has two single beds, veranda, electric fan, common toilet and bath, and full curse of meals.

    There are also a variety of activities that you can do inside the resort. They can offer several dive sites that are used for more relaxation and enjoying dives. You can also visit the reefs of the Ticao Island in the nearby islands. And if you are not a diver, yet, want to learn, the resort also offers diver courses from one of the best diver instructors. There they can show you the scuba diving, open water diving, advanced open water diving, rescues diving, and divemaster course.

    They also offer other activities that can be done not only within the range of the resort but also in other islands and areas. They can show you that whale shark interaction in Donsol Beach Resort that is actually one hour away from the Ticao Island using the boat. You can also have some trek in the world’s perfect cone shape volcano in the Bicol Province which is Mt. Mayon. This can be done by one or two days before camping back to Ticao Island and leave the whole resort.

    Finding a very unique experience, you may try the firefly river tour that can only be found in the resort. Since fireflies are said to be one of the most sensitive insects, they can look like a pure thing and very admirable even in the simplest touch of the wind.
    They can also offer snorkeling and island hopping. You are free to view and choose the place where in you can try snorkeling right in front of the resort. Since there are many reefs, you can freely snorkel inside the island. And with the clear and blue water, you can easily saw the scenery that lies under the ocean. In the Island hopping experience, you can visit the places that can not be accessed from the resort itself and to also have a chance to visit nearby islands. Gawked with the different formations and creations of rocks and as well as to appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls.

    Try the tropical way of Ticao Island resort and enjoy the vast beauty of nature.