Dive Donsol

Experience and recognized the “whale shark capital of the world”, a small island yet home of the giants. Be amazed to the enchanted world of whale shark and other sea creatures that can set your mood in a relaxing way. Donsol is the best place and something worth sharing to the world

Donsol is located in the province of Sorsogon.. Also the island of Miguel is home to many beautiful dive sites. Some wreck sites are great for technical divers. Donsol is a small yet beautiful island in Philippines known for its perfect diving spot.. Enjoy the one of a kind experience at the clear waters of this beautiful island. Feel the cool breeze of air and see the beauty of this wonderful place. This amazing paradise is 600 km Southwest of Manila.

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Foreign Whale shark here in Donsol became a word of mouth, passed on to every traveler exploring the Philippines. Thousands of tourist visits here each season to swim and observe their friendly behavior, the once unheard city of Donsol, which was previously reliant to fishing and cottage industry, now benefits from higher economic revenue brought by the presence of these giant fish locally called “butanding”.

Butandings are the greatest attraction of Donsol Island. Anyone will want to experience the beauty of this little town, the fresh breeze of air, and to spot the home of these gentle giants. Not to mention that the right fireflies lights build up the perfect ambiance at night.

Scuba Diving is available whole year round .The diving is mainly concentrated around the whale sharks and manta rays. The whale sharks come to the Donsol area from January to May to mate and also because then there are large amounts of plankton. However they could start arriving as early as October and November. They can be seen in large numbers at a time, sometimes up to 15-20 whale sharks at a time which is quite impressive. You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy these fascinating creatures, you can embark on your adventure with just your snorkeling equipment.


The Best Time to Dive

People will enjoy their diving experience in Donsol in February and up to the end of May. However, some people prefer to dive as early as November when whale sharks are just arriving. The best time to dive is early in the morning. This is the time when the sea is calm and the water temperature is perfect. Morning is also the best time to watch the gentle giants swimming around the lovely island.

How To Get There

Donsol, Sorsogon about 540 kilometers from Manila. Like most provinces in the Bicol region, it can be reached by plane (via Legaspi) or by bus.

By Plane

    Philippine Airlines daily trip to Legaspi. PR277 from Manila departs at 7:00 am, arriving in Legaspi at 8:05 am. The flight back to Manila, PR278 leaves Legaspi at 8:45 am, arriving at 9:50 am.

By Bus

    Travel time from Manila to Legaspi is about 10 hours, and costs more or less Php650 one way. Philtranco has buses plying the Manila – Bicol route daily, with busses that go all the way to Donsol.