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Donsol is one of the first class municipalities that gain a great record when it comes in attracting tourists, not only inside the country but also worldwide. Donsol is a province in Sorsogon, Philippines. This province is gaining a big name from whale shark viewing that is also acknowledged by Time Magazine to be the best anima encounter.

In the past years, Donsol is one of the sleeping islands of the Philippines lying in the more remote areas of Sorsogon. But it doesn’t stay like that when a diver shot a picture of Donsol’s Whale Shark and posted it in a newspaper. Since then, Donsol became one of the world-class tourist spot of the Philippines and now it is known as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World” Before they could imagine, tourism in the area continue to develop and had a great success.

There are also other activities that you can do in Donsol like firefly tour and shrimp catching that is loved by many visitors. Donsol is starting to become the best jumping place and stand for divers from the Manta Bowl and San Miguel Island in Ticao. This is because of the better facilities that they offer than the rural district. There are also some biking and trekking places because of great areas with hills and fields.


Since Dansol is in the area with clear blue water and in the midst of coconut trees, the weather here is perfect. The lowest temperature range that you can get is not less than 25 degree Celsius and the highest will be not more than 30 degrees Celsius. Rains unusually occur in the area, unless it is from the storms and low pressure area. Mostly the sun is shining brightly and will give you a bright smile to enjoy the swimming and other activities around the whole place.

Useful Language

Since this is a tourist spot, using English language is more convenient in the area. If you are a Filipino, using our native tongue will also be good way. Most people in the place are trained to some basic languages that are useful for different race that is visiting the area.


There are some frequently asked questions by most visitors and guests.

1. Where is Donsol?

    Donsol is one of the provincial areas of Sorsogon, Philippines. By the capital of the country you can take by land and by air to get here.

2. How can I go to Donsol?

    If you came from Manila, you can travel by air with the help of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific who have daily flights to go to Legaspi City. Upon your arrival to Legaspi City, you could take a taxi or an air-conditioned van that can direct you in the Donsol province itself. There are also some bus lines that can reach you to go to the City.

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3. What are the best months to encounter whale sharks and manta rays?

    The best months to encounter and see Whale sharks and Mantra Rays are around December to May.

4. Can you guarantee that I can see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays?

    The Dansol cannot guarantee that you can see whale sharks and mantra rays daily but we can assure you that you can encounter them before leaving the place.

5. Is it safe to swim alongside the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays?

    Whale sharks and mantra rays are safe unless they have been provoked. Before having a dive or swimming with them, the management will give you at least some safety instructions and dos and don’ts regarding the ways of interacting with the simple creatures.